Nebula Play
Made in Italy
hepa filter and
absolute filter


Nebula is the automatic machine for disinfection of paper material as books, newspapers, magazines, folders. The operating principle is to stop and chronicize the bacteria, moulds and viruses through the biocidal action of QAC (Quaternary ammonium compounds).
Documents pass through a nebulization chamber where the disinfectant solution is applied in all external part, to finish after in the drying chamber for a quick and precise drying. Nebula is easy to use and safe for any operators. Infact, we have a filtered safe vacuum operating in the nebulizator chamber, and a precise blowing air in drying chamber. Nebula is composed by two chambers: the Nebulizator chamber and the Drying chamber than easily can be assembled and dissembled to pass and work in small and narrow place. It could work also in sinergy with Depulvera or other book cleaning machine.

Technical data

Max dimensions of books (WxLxH) 600 x 440 x 180 mm
Machine dimensions (WxLxH) 750 x 1530 x 1230 mm
If divided in two part: 
Nebulizator Chamber (WxLxH) 800 x 750 x 1230 mm
Drying Chamber (WxLxH) 670 x 750 x 1230 mm
Speed of work 3 books / min